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Incorporate since 2011 in Basel, ESN Life Sciences GmbH is a renowned consulting boutique with a successful track record of providing services to Biotech start-up, VCs, Accelerators/Incubators and Pharma companies.
ESN Life Sciences GmbH provides both Strategic and Operational advisory services in the following areas:
  • Due Diligence 
  • Deals sourcing, negotiation and closing (financial and partnering transactions)
  • Drug Development Strategy, Planning, Execution and Monitoring (Oncology – Immunology)
  • Translational Strategy (Choice of indication,
  • Start-up structuration (VC investment readiness), financing and development from seed to series B/C and/or exit

Unique Value Proposition

Thanks to the broad Drug Development and Entrepreneurial experience of its main founder (Zaki Sellam), ESN Life Sciences GmbH is a unique consulting organization offering able to provide both high level Strategic and Operational advisory

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about ceo

Zaki Sellam - MSc, MBA (Managing Director)

Zaki Sellam is a C-level Biotech Executive with over 20 years of experience and leadership in cancer/immunology drug discovery, translational medicine and clinical development. During his career, he has led and overseen discovery-stage and preclinical oncology/immunology programs, led strategic partnerships with pharma and academia, and contributed significantly to clinical compound development. As a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully raised more than 50 m€ since the last 10 years across multiple start-up created from scratch. 

As a Managing Partner and Investment Director within Landmark BioVentures AG, a Basel based entrepreneurial investment company, Zaki is actively involved (as Executive Chairman) in the creation and financing of several VC financed Biotech start-up across Europe in Oncology and Immunology. 

Zaki holds a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology Engineering from the National School of Biotechnology in Bordeaux, France, and a Master of Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration from Poitiers, France. He is also in the late stage of a part time PhD in Strategic Management (supervised by Prof Brian Smith, Hertfordshire Business School, United Kingdom) in the understanding and conceptualization of “Deal structuration between within the R&D context of Biopharma”. He is a native French speaker, fluent in English & Spanish, and Intermediate in German and Arabic.


Thanks to the deep and broad drug development and entrepreneurial experience of its main founder (Zaki Sellam), ESN Life Sciences GmbH is one of the unique consulting organization in the Biotech area offering able to provide both high level Strategic and Operational advisory.
ESN Life Sciences GmbH has developed across the years a very unique library of almost 2000 frameworks, tools and templates necessary for each of cited services (for example Target Product Profiles, Valuation models, Term Sheet templates, Development Plans, etc..).
On top of that, any organization working with ESN Life Sciences GmbH would also benefit from its outstanding CRO knowledge and global network (Non clinical, Clinical and Tech Ops), securing and accelerating the implementation of any necessary outsourced activity.
Lastly, the majority of ESN Life Sciences clients have collaborated on a very regular and consistent basis, praising the quality of services provided.




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